BTN Store History

In April 2004, Better Than New Band Repair opened in Round Rock, Texas.  For several years prior to this opening date, co-owners, Karen Holrath and Twylia Baker, were working for an Austin, Texas music store.  Both ladies, however, had their own strong music business philosophy, and intuitive ideas about instrument repair; therefore they decided to bring these ideas to life and open their own instrument repair business--Better Than New Band Repair.  They believe (as well as all of their employees), that the Central Texas area is always in need of a high-quality, honest, customer-oriented, band instrument repair company.  With the opening of  Better Than New Band Repair, 13 years ago, this need has been successfully filled.

Since opening, Better Than New Band Repair has been successful, acquiring customers from many different school districts, including Pflugerville I.S.D, Round Rock I.S.D., Elgin I.S.D., Hutto I.S.D., Thrall I.S.D., Leander I.S.D., and many other surrounding area districts.  Although this company is located in Round Rock, Texas, many professional musicians from across the nation remain loyal customers to these outstanding and talented instrument repair technicians.  In addition to Better Than New Band Repair's outstanding instrument repair reputation, they also have a great selection, with excellent prices, of new and used instrument and accessories. 

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